Red's True Barbecue

All About Red's True Barbecue

Red’s are ALL ABOUT the true barbecue experience, bringing great flavours and authentic dishes back from the southern US states, and preaching the good word to the good people of Britain to save us from our sad chargrilled burgers and burnt chicken. From Leeds to London, Red’s have been saving us with their smoked offerings since 2012, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Halleuia!

Let there be meat. Pulled pork, brisket and the famous donut burger are all big draws for Red’s authentic barbecue loving fans, and their selection of worship worthy sauces are much loved too, so we worked with Red’s to bring a range of meat saving rubs and flavoursome sauces, helping spread the gospel of true barbecue beyond the restaurants into the homes and back gardens of Great Britain.

The brand new Red’s True Barbecue range launched in ASDA in July 2015, with five heavenly sauces and four blessed meat rubs to help you bless your meat with true barbecue flavour!

Red's True Barbecue Beef Rub

All About Red's True Barbecue Products

The Red's True Barbecue rubs are meat-saving seasonings, from the Divine Pulled Pork barbecue rub which makes the perfect meaty pairing for pork shoulder, to the Heavenly Chicken Barbecue Rub, which with which to baptise your whole chickens for those sacred roast dinners.

The Red’s range of sauces all bring it big on flavour, with the Devil Wing bringing a serious kick and the Unholy BBQ – beloved of restaurant fans – has a sweet side which goes well with any slow cooked meat. 

Red's True Barbecue Sauces


All About Red's True Barbecue At Home

Great as dipping sauces, slathered on barbecued meat cooked low and slow, or dolloped on burgers and fries, the five sauces are the perfect accompaniments for blessing your meat with. The rubs on the other hand, work beautifully as dry rubs, marinades and in providing extra texture to your finished meat dishes. Amen!

For more recipes and inspiration, see the Red’s website here:

All About Where to Buy Red's True Barbecue Products

Red’s sauces and rubs are available in major supermarkets across the UK, including:

  • ASDA
  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • Coop


Red’s grocery products are also available in Red’s restaurants nationwide.